United Nations Population Fund 


UNFPA in Pakistan advocates and provides technical assistance for a multi-sectoral approach to improve sexual and reproductive lives,MDG’s,HIV/AIDS and gender issues, and overall well being of young people. The goal of UNFPA global framework for action on adolescents and youth is to provide access to health, including sexual and reproductive health information, education, RH commodities and services. The basis of youth program is on 4 key areas highlighted in the UNFPA Global Framework for Youth:

1) Support policy development
2) Provide education on sexual and reproductive health
3) Provide sexual and reproductive health services
4) Engage and work with young people. 

Youth Action for Change (YAC)

YAC is an innovative international non-profit organization run by youth volunteers from across the world. It implements unique programmes which equip young people with knowledge and skills that enable them to directly get involved in improving their communities’ livelihood.

YAC implements its work through two key streams – conducting outcome-oriented free online courses and promoting grassroots-targeted youth empowerment projects.

YAC now reaches thousands of young community leaders, students and youth activists in over 130 countries worldwide, and due to its innovative programs, it is a recipient of the Youth Action Net Award by the International Youth Foundation and Nokia, the World Aware Education Award of the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe and has been featured in many national and international media outlet, including the World Bank's 'World Development Report 2007', several publications by the UN, Oxfam, Associated Press, SBS Radio, La Repubblica, RAI, etc. Last year, YAC successfully completed seven free online courses and is currently exploring a number of potential partnership opportunities to grow even further this year. It is also expecting to launch courses in Spanish and Portuguese this year.

University-Community Partnership for Social Action Research (UCP-SARnet) - Arizona State University

University-Community Partnership for Social Action Research (UCP-SARnet) is a growing network of nearly 900 students, university faculties, community activists, and governmental officials engaged in achieving the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDG) in 61 countries.  UCP-SARnet is dedicated to the education of the next generation of community leaders by compiling and housing an interactive online library of resources and facilitating cross-sector collaborations, networking and multicultural dialogues.


Youth Peer Education Network (Y-PEER) is a youth network, initiated by UNFPA in 2001, that is in more than 45 countries, working with/ linking more than 500 NGOs and GOs in Eastern Europe, Arab States, Central Asia and East Africa while recently started to work in Latin America and Asia & Pacific.

Its membership includes thousands of young people working in the many areas surrounding Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health. Y-PEER is regarded as an efficient and effective means of promoting youth participation in sexual and reproductive health issues, by its stakeholders.

Currently, Y-PEER network is being governed by young people, with the support of its partners, such as UNFPA, UNAIDS and other International Organizations such as WAC, MTV-Staying Alive, GNP+ while it is also taking support of acknowledged academicians such as Harvard University, The American University of Beirut, Yale University.

Chanan Development Association (CDA)

Chanan Development Association (CDA) is a non-profit, non-governmental, secular registered youth lead organization formed by a group of young professional activists in 2004 as Chanan Theatre Group. Later, in 2006, at the second anniversary of the theatre group, the need was felt to register the group to have a legal identity and to expand its work in a formal and structured way, therefore, the name of Chanan Theatre Group was changed into Chanan Development Association as the group got registered.
CDA aims to provide opportunities to youth and women to explore, enhance and utilize their knowledge, capabilities and skills to improve their status in the society and earn appropriate recognition of their contributions . 

The high risk behaviors, lack of awareness and involvement of youth and women in decision / policy making, huge power distance and discriminatory laws and customs encouraged CDA to envisaged plan of actions to empower both the vulnerable groups. The mission of CDA is to "improve the status of youth particularly young women enabling them to equally and actively participate in planning, management, decision / policy making and execution of their plans without any biases of gender, religion, status, or language for the creation of a healthy, just, peaceful, and democratic society”.