Our E-course 'Youth & the MDGs 'aims to create a pool of Millennium Development Goals Advocates from all around the world. 


           Name           Country              MDGs Project Title
  • Aashish Birgi,   India,   Little Free City & Sustainable Livelihoods
  • Adrián Contursi-Reynoso,   Argentina,  Adolescents for a successful future
  • Alice Priori,  Italy-Palestinian Territories,  Respect for environment & recycling
  • Alipio Simoes,  Timor-Leste,  Computer Hardware and Maintainance Training
  • Anna Edda Bild,  Romania,  Do you Read me? Empowering immigrants with help of local youngsters
  • Astghik Harutyunyan,  Italy,  Spice up your rights
  • Doris Manu,  Romania,  Teaching the Essential Steps for a Sustainable and Healthy Lifestyle 
  • Eliza Techa Fattima,  Indonesia,  X-Change (about HIV education)
  • Kidus Gashaw Mehalu,  Ethiopia,  Women Empowerment & Youth Development Campaign whilst  Promoting MDGs
  • Ganeswar Sahoo,  Italy,  “A 12 weeks Crash Literacy Program for Tribal women”
  • Ruth Hennel,  United Kingdom,  Empowering Young Women through a media training day
  • Jean Pierre Imanishimwe,  Rwanda,  Young women in Action for Social Advancement (YWASA)
  • Jecel Censoro,  Phillipines,  Crowd of Condoms: The RH (Reproductive Health) Movement
  • Khadar Abdillahi Sa'ed, Somali land,  HIV/AIDS Campaign on prevention and stigma reduction
  • Mohamed S. Khanu,  Sierra Leone,  Fighting hunger and poverty in postwar conflict Sierra Leone
  • Natalie Williams,  Buckinghamshire,  Raising awareness of Mental Health Challenges Amongst Young Girls (Freetown, Sierra Leone)
  • Lil Dhoj,  Nepal,  Eradication of poverty
  • Özcan Erdogdu,  Turkey,  Provincial National Education of Directorate and Nevsehir Police Department
  • Rodrigo Claudino Cortez,  Brazil,  Transforming culture: Teaching through dance, music, media and theater.
  • Sabah Mahamed Essa,  Somali land, Community Mobilization of Microfinance services
  • Laura Golekh, Liberia,  Voices of our future 


          Name           Country              MDGs Project Title
  • Carlos Ruiz,   Mexico,   Coach a homeless young person living with HIV 
  • Gohar Grigorian,   Armenia , Harmonious Partnership Between Women and Men 
  • Yemurai Nyoni , Zimbabwe,  Establishing sustainable commitment for ensuring universal access and safeguarding human rights for young people in Zimbabwe 
  • Awe Ololade,   Nigeria ,Provision of a waste bin for the people of Dawankin Village 
  • Mahah Vladimire, Cameroon, Environmental Sustainability in Fosemonde, South west, Cameroon
  • Lidiia Yershykhina,   Ukraine,   ‘Green building’ 
  • Ugwu Emeka Benjamin, Nigeria, Electoral Education and Enlightnment for 2011 Election
  • Wilson Otuna,   Uganda,   Briquettes as an alternative source of Fuel
  • Jacques Lundja Dem, Rep of Congo ,The Project Bambuti Young Girl 
  • Ssegawa Meddy,   Uganda, Overhauled 
  • Dorothy Kagweria Kahiu, Kenya, Lamu Safi
  • Lindile Sonjani,  South Africa,   Out of School Unemployed Youth HIV Prevention Program 
  • Anoka Primrose Abeyrathne,   Sri Lanka,   Anoka Primrose Abeyrathne 
  • Anahit Balayan,  Armenia,   Women Power and Power Women: What We Can and What We Do  
  • Erick V. Brocoy,   Philippines,   Bridging The Gap: Young professionals working to bring change to the rural communities based from the established Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations
  • José de Jesus, Timor Leste Proposal Writing Training for the Youth 
  • Alex Bwaluka,   Zambia, Youth Empowerment Project
  • Fathima Ashrifa Ali, Sri Lanka, Green School Certification 
  • Vishnu Khanal,   Nepal ,Essential Support For Community For  Maternal and Child Survival (ESCMC)
  • Joannes Paulus Yimbesalu, Cameroon,   Improving community awareness on Maternal and Child health  
  • Dhruba Pathak,   Nepal,   Eradicating pathogens through water filtration- an approach toward safe drinking water 
  • Rita Naa Dzagbeley Quaye, Ghana, Bridge the Gap Project 
  • Ndagha Shirley Oyiakah,   Cameroon,   Wushishin project (Literally meaning “Step by Step” project in Oshie language, Cameroon) 
  • Leon Simons,   The Netherlands,   Veggie Friday 
  • Uzair Ahmad,   Pakistan,   Enrollment Campaign  
  • Daniela Babjakova,   Slovakia,   Spreading Fair Trade in Slovakia
  • Nubuga Geofrey,   Uganda ,Education for all 
  • Despoina Polyhronidou,   Greece,   Different City 
  • Dennis Korbla Amego Penu, Ghana,  Green Campuses 
  • Harrison Obeng Debrah,   Ghana,  Green for life
  • Nfor Kingsley Tarla Ringnyu, Cameroon,   Fighting substances abuse to achieve MDGs in Cameroon:
    The school based approaches.