Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) Experts

1) Alissa Caron, Country Director, Population Development International, Cambodia
2) Jeehan Salim, HIV AIIDS and Youth Consultant, UNFPA Maldives
3) Jenny Prisk, CEO Prisk Communications, Voices of Women, USA
4) Dr. Malalay Ahmadzai , Safe Motherhood and Child Specilist, UNICEF Cambodia.
5) Shazia Amjad, Education expert, Pakistan Education Task Force, Pakistan
6) Nida Mushtaq, Board of Directors, Youth Coalition for Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights, Pakistan
7) Sharima Ruwaida Abbas, Faculty, Social Work, Phd Univeristy of Hawaii, USA, Malaysia
8) Rodica Ianole, Health and behavioral economics expert, Romania
9) Noorullah Jan Ahmadzai, Local Governance and Institutional Development Specialist Senior Technical Advisor with the Kabul Mayor, Afghanistan
10) Joshua L. Coopaer, Director, Hawaiian Institute for Human Rights and Environmental Sustainability activist, Hawaii.
11) Lkhamdulam Natsagdorj, Executive Director, People Centered Conservation, Mongolia
12) Milinda Rajapaksha, Consultant, International Planned Parenthood Federation, India
13) Sadia Atta Mehmood, National Programme Officer, Youth Programme, UNFPA Pakistan
14) Kamani Jinadasa, Secretary of Family Planning Association Sri Lanka and with Positive Women’s Network that supports People living with HIV/AIDS, Sri Lanka
15) Ateeq Nosher, Chief Economist & Director General of Monetary Policy Department at Da Afghanistan Bank, CEO & President of Apex-2 Consulting & Founder and President of AINAF.ORG (Afghan Intellectuals Network)
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