Round II: Grant Winner

Alice Priori (Italy-Palestinian Territories)

Project Title:  Respect for environment and recycling
Target MDG: 7

Aim of the project:
  • Increase awareness about the importance and value of respectingthe environment.
  • Sensitize youth about respecting local environment in order to respect global environment.
  •  Sensitize youth about recycling procedures

Round II: Grant Winner

Jecel Censoro (Philippines) 

Project Title: Crowd of Condoms: The RH (Reproductive Health) Movement
Target MDG: 6

Aim of the project:
  • To provide information on the RH bill and its corresponding benefits towards the achievement of MDG 5 and 6
  • To increase the number of people who are aware of reproductive health and sex education
  • To increase the number of people supporting the passage of the RH Bill
  • To gather wider public support (including lawmakers) towards the passing of the RH bill

Round II: Grant Winner

 Jean Pierre Imanishimwe (Rwanda)
Project Title:Young women in Action for Social Advancement (YWASA)

Aim of the Project:
  • To strengthen the women’s abilities to become catalysts of change with regards to crucial health barriers, poverty and its cycles through promoting women’ cooperatives in rural areas of Huye distric

Round I: Grant Winner

Mr. Vishnu Khanal (Nepal)

Project Title: Essential Support For Community For  Maternal and Child Survival (ESCMC)
Target MDG: 3

Aim of the Project:
  • Ensuring improved newborn and maternal health status in three VDC of Tanahun.
  •   Increase newborn care attendance
  •   Increased use of postpartum vitamin A to mothers
  •  Increase low dose vitamin A supplementation to  newborn
  •  Increased postpartum visit to HFs/outlet of HFs
  • Pregnant and Newborn data base established and monitored for health  services in at least one VDC (Piloting in one VDC)

Biography: Vishnu KHANAL  has worked as public health worker under Goverment of Nepal and different INGOs of Nepal. He also supporting local NGOs for technical backstopping in public health arena specially focused to child health. He has been working for six years in different geographical areas of Nepal. He is registered member of Nepal Health Professional Council as Category A Public Health Worker.  He also worked as a Secretary of Public Health Health Students' Society of Nepal. 

Vishnu is a trainer of child health programs. He also excelled in annual planning of district health system including pandemic preparedness. He is public health graduate and master in sociology from Tribhuvan University Nepal. He is an author of Text book of Health Services Management in Nepal". 

Round I: Grant Winner

Mr. Ugwu Emeka Benjamin (Nigeria)
Project Title: Electoral Education and Enlightenment for 2011 in Nigeria

Target MDG: 2

Aim of the Project: 

  • To rekindle the flame of nationalism and reinvigorate young people at the grassroots, awakening them to their civic responsibility.
  • To instill positive values, foster good citizenship and build self-confidence in our young people.
  • To increase youth participation in Governance within the shortest of time.

Biography: UGWU EMEKA BENJAMIN has been a volunteer with Withworth Entrepreneurship Academy and Radio Nigeria 101.5 Unity Fm and has worked with Foreign Language Institute of Nigeria since 2009.

A passionate youth advocate and agent of social change,he is the anchor of popular weekly youth radio magazine program "CAMPUS SQUARE" which seeks to address societal ills facing youths amongst other things. An avid reader and writer, is currently undergoing DESPLAY season 6 training program with theme "Democracy and Good Governance"

Ugwu is an effective communicator in English and Igbo (local language) and writes for Nation newspaper on Democracy, Good Governance and Effective leadership. A speaker and orator per-excellence, is currently working on Educating and enlightening the youths on their roles in the upcoming Nigerian general election.

Ugwu is currently studying Applied Biology at Ebonyi State University Abakaliki.